8. Effectors

Effectors shape the sound made by the Generators can be applied to any single or combination of Generators. There are five effectors:

Figure 8.1 – The five effectors – Aspiration, Inwards, Forced, Oscillated and Tight

8.1 Aspirated Effector

Aspiration means breathing – so the addition of an Aspirated effector means the sound is made breathing in or out – i.e. using the lungs. No Aspirated effector present means the sound is made using air in the mouth or with the airway (epiglottis) closed.

Figure 8.2 – Aspiration Effector

8.2 Inward Effector

All Generator sounds are considered to be made outwards (ejecting air) unless the Inward effector icon is present, in which case the sound is made inwards (injecting air). This is the icon for the Inward effector:

Figure 8.3 – Inward Effector

8.3 Forced Effector

A forced sound is where the muscles of the mouth are tightened and the sound is created by squeezing or forcing air to create a short, fast vibration or oscillation. Most beatboxing sounds are forced sounds – e.g. inward K snare { ^K } and classic kick drum { B }.

Figure 8.4 – Forced Effector

8.4 Oscillation Effector

The oscillation effector is where a definite and distinct oscillation (vibration) is created using a Generator. For example, click rolls, uvular oscillations and inward drags are all oscillations.

Figure 8.5 – Oscillation Effector

8.5 Tight Effector

The Tight effector is where the muscles in the generator are tightened as opposed to loose.

Figure 8.6 – Tight Effector

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