2. Generators, Stops and Effectors

Beatboxing sounds are made by combining up to three things:

  1. Generators – the way in which the sound is made
  2. Stops – parts of the mouth that remain in contact
  3. Effectors – the way in which the sound is shaped


Beatboxology uses icons to represent the Generators, Stops and Effectors and we call them iconophonics.

For example, here is a beatboxing sound with two generators and one effector:

Figure 2.1 – A Beatboxing Sound using Iconophonics

Note: It is the bit in the middle of the circle icons that is important. The circle is simply my chosen way of representing the the different Generators and Effector to make it clearer to see and identify them.

In the above example, you do not yet know what these specific Generator and Effector icons mean. Do not worry as they will be explained later. The example sounds like this:

Video 2.2 – A Beatboxing Sound
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(c) Copyright 2017-2018 Gavin Tyte (aka TyTe)

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