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Lesson 1 – Making Your First Beat

In this 5-part lesson you will learn three sounds, a kick, hi-hat, and rimshot and be able to combine them into an 8-Beat pattern. This is a pattern with 8 sounds in a row.

Teacher’s Notes

Part 1My First Sound (bilabial plosive)| QUIZ

Part 2Making a Kick Drum Sound (forced effector)| QUIZ

Part 3The Hi-Hat (dental plosive) | QUIZ

Part 4The Rimshot (velar plosive)| QUIZ

Part 5Making an 8-Beat Pattern

Lesson 1 Roundup QUIZ

Lesson 2 – The Classic Handclap

In this 5-part lesson you will learn how to make the Classic Handclap and use it in a 16-Beat pattern. This is a beat pattern with 16 sounds in a row.

Teacher’s Notes

Part 1The Handclap (palatal plosive)| QUIZ

Part 2Inward Sounds (inward effector) | QUIZ

Part 3Stops (alveolar stop)| QUIZ

Part 4Breathing (aspiration effector)| QUIZ

Part 5Making a 16-Beat Pattern

Lesson 2 Roundup QUIZ

Lesson 3 – The Classic Snare Drum

In this 3-part Lesson you will learn how to build the Classic Snare drum sound and use it in a simple two-sound pattern.

Teacher’s Notes

Part 1The Amiga Snare (tight effector)| QUIZ

Part 2The Classic Snare (labiodental fricative)| QUIZ

Part 3Two Sound Rock beat (rests)

Lesson 3 Roundup QUIZ

Lesson 4 – Tongue Grooves

In this 5-part lesson you will learn to make alveolar plosives – sounds made with the tip of the tongue and the alveolar ridge. You will then use a tongue kick and tongue snare in a beat pattern.

Teacher’s Notes

Part 1Making a Tongue Kick (alveolar plosive) | QUIZ

Part 2The 808 Snare | QUIZ

Part 3Blocking Airways (velar stop, nasopharyngeal stop) | QUIZ

Part 4The D-Kick | QUIZ

Part 5Adding Noise (bidental rear fricative) | QUIZ

Part 6Walk this Way (two beat sounds)

Lesson 4 Roundup QUIZ

Lesson 5 – Shakers

In this two-part lesson you will learn a bidental rear stop and combine three different shaker sounds to create a continuous-sounding shaker pattern.

Part 1 – The three Shaker Sounds | QUIZ

Part 2 – Creating the Shaker Groove

Lesson 5 Roundup Quiz

Lesson 6 – Percussives

In this lesson you will learn about percussive sounds by using a sublingual percussive in a classic ‘Drop it like it’ hot’ style beat pattern.

Part 1 – The Clave (sublingual percussive) | QUIZ

Part 2 – Drop Da Heat Beat Pattern

Lesson 6 Roundup Quiz

Lesson 7 – Voicing Sounds

In this lesson you will learn how to vocalise a sound without breathing out (with velar and uvular stops) to create a synth tom sound. You will use the sound to create an a 1980s style beatbox pattern.

Part1 – 80’s Synth Tom (vocal high)|QUIZ

Part 2 – Love You Doug Beat Pattern

Lesson 7 Roundup Quiz

Lesson 8 – Throat Sounds

In this lesson you will use a vocal generator (voiced low) and use it to vocalise a kick and snare in a ZZ-top style beat whilst closing the airways.

Part 1 – 808 Kick (vocal low) | Quiz

Part 2 – 909 Snare | Quiz

Part 3 – ZZ Topper Groove

Lesson 8 Roundup Quiz

Lesson 9 – Oscillations

In this lesson you will learn about oscillations starting with a simple aspirated lip oscillation and building into a more complex synth sound.

Part 1 – The Baby bass (oscillation effector)| QUIZ

Part 2 – Building the Classic Synth

Lesson 9 Roundup Quiz

Lesson 10 – Non-Vocal Scratching

In this lesson you will learn a non-vocal scratch sound which is a sequence of two separate sounds. You will then use this scratch sound in a more complex beat pattern with five different sounds.

Part 1 – The Electro Stab (palatal fricative) | QUIZ

Part 2 – Tour de France scratch (bilabial fricative) | QUIZ

Part 3 – Salt-N-Pepa Shaker (velar fricative) | QUIZ

Part 4 – The Electro Scratch sequence | QUIZ

Part 5 – The NWA groove

Lesson 10 Roundup Quiz

Lesson 11 – Click Rolls

In this lesson you will learn the clicks and the famous ‘Doug E. Fresh’ style click-roll which you will then use in a beat pattern. No new iconophonics are introduced in this lesson.

Part 1 – The Classic Clickroll | QUIZ

Part 2 – The Clickroll Clave | QUIZ

Part 3 – The Show Beat Pattern

Lesson 11 Roundup Quiz

Lesson 12 – Vocal Scratching

In this lesson you will learn how to make a  vocal scratch, is a sequence of two speech sounds, and use it in the “My name is the TyTe” beat pattern.

Part 1 – Vocal Scratch ‘oo’ (pharyngeal fricative) | QUIZ

Part 2 – Vocal Scratch ‘er’ (vocal mid) | QUIZ

Part 3 – Vocal Scratch ‘oozi’ sequence | QUIZ

Part 4 – My Name is Tyte beat pattern

Lesson 12 Roundup Quiz

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