6. Percussive and Vocal Generators

6.1 Percussive Generators

As well as Plosive and Fricative Generators, there is a third class of Generator. These sounds care called Percussive Generators and there a three of them:

  1. Bilabial
  2. Bidental
  3. Sublingual

Percussive Generators are made by banging two parts of the mouth together – like the sound when you bite and clack your teeth together. Percussive Generators use the same icons but have a circle symbol overlapping the two parts which make contact.

Figure 6.1 – The Bilabial Percussive Generator is made by banging the lips together.

Video 6.2 – The Bilabial Percussive Generator

Figure 6.3 – Bi means two and Dental means teeth. This sound is made by banging the front or rear teeth together.

Video 6.4 – The Bidental Percussive Generator

Figure 6.5 – The Sublingual Percussive Generator is made by drawing the tongue down against the floor of the mouth.


Video 6.6. – The Sublingual Percussive Generator

6.2 The Vocal Generator

The Vocal Generator is simply made by ‘voicing’ using the vocal chords.

Figure 6.7 – The Vocal Generator

Note: This iconophonic varies slightly with the pitch of the vocal.

Video 6.8 – The Vocal Generator

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