4. Places of Generation

Before we continue with learning more about Generators, Stops and Effectors you’re going to need to know something about the anatomy of the mouth. We need to be able to point to parts of your mouth and talk about them.

4.1 Parts of the Mouth

Most people can name some parts of their mouth, for example, teeth, tongue, and lips but there are several other parts and beatboxing sounds can be made with all the different parts.

  1. Labial (lips)
  2. Dental (teeth)
  3. Alveolar (bony ridge behind top front teeth)
  4. Palatal (hard bit on roof of mouth)
  5. Velar (soft bit on roof of mouth)
  6. Uvular (dangly bit)
  7. Pharyngeal (back bit of mouth)
  8. Epiglottal (epiglottis – the bit you open and close when swallowing/breathing).
  9. Vocal (using the vocal chords)
  10. Sublingual (the bit under the tongue between the tongue and the floor of the mouth)

Familiarise yourself with these ten parts of the mouth as it will make explanations much easier.

Figure 4.1 – The parts of the mouth

4.2 Places of Generation

When combined with the tongue (apart from sounds made with just the lips or teeth), there are 15 places that beatboxers make sounds. We call these Places of Generation – i.e. places where beatboxers generate sounds.

Each Place of Generation is symbolised using an icon to represent how each sound is made. Understand that each Generator icon is an visual description of each part of the mouth.

Figure 4.2 – Places of Generation

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