7. Stops

A Stop is the name given to two parts of the mouth anatomy that stay permanently in contact while the sound is produced. For example, when you hum your lips remain closed – i.e. your two lips remain permanently in contact. This would be called a Bilabial Stop.

Important: Stops DO NOT make a sound.

Often in beatboxing sounds while one part of the mouth anatomy is being a Generator, another part of the anatomy is ‘stopped’.

A Stop is indicated by using the same icon as a Plosive Generator but with a line through it indicating that the two parts of the anatomy remain in contact.

7.1 List of Stops

Figure 7.1 – Bilabial Stop

Figure 7.2 – Interlabial Stop

Figure 7.3 – Labiodental Stop

Figure 7.4 – Dental Stop

Figure 7.5 – Interdental Stop

Figure 7.6 – Alveolar Stop

Figure 7.7 – Palatal Stop

Figure 7.8 – Velar Stop

Figure 7.9 – Pharyngeal Stop

Figure 7.10 – Uvular Stop

Figure 7.11 – Glottal Stop

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