About Rolls

Rolls are short patterns of sounds (or sequences) where the sounds do not merge or morph into each other but are distinct.

The Roll Page

At the top of the Roll Page is the title of the Roll. The next row shows the tempo group the Roll belongs to, the beatboxer who made the Roll, the difficulty level of the Roll, and an audio preview play/pause button.  

The Roll Grid

The next section shows the roll itself in grid of square boxes which you can click on to hear the Sounds or Sequences used in the roll.  

Sound Icon

The Sound icons are square to show that they play a sound when they are clicked on and do not link to other pages like the round icons do.


Every Roll has a video demonstration of the Roll which you can watch to aid learning.

The Patterns that use the Roll

Finally, you are shown what patterns use the roll.    


Roll 003 • Triplet

Click on the pattern icons to hear the sounds…

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(c) Copyright 2017-2018 Gavin Tyte (aka TyTe)

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