Welcome to the home of Beatboxology!

BZZKTT is a web app that uses Beatboxology – a method to help you learn to beatbox or study speech and language.



Wondering where to start?

The Lessons take you through the basics of beatboxology, sounds, and patterns.



Sounds in Beatboxology are described using a system of easy-to-learn icons called ICONOPHONICS.

Iconophonics describe how sounds are made and shaped by the mouth and are combined to make more complex sounds.



Sounds are the basics of beatboxing and can be sorted by timbre (type).

Each sound is broken down into its component iconophonics so you can learn how complex sounds are made from simpler sounds.



Sequences are sounds that blend from one sound to another. For example words used in language.

Each sequence is broken down into its component sounds so you can learn how they are made.



Rolls are short patterns of sounds where the sounds do not blend into each other.



A beat pattern is a beatboxing groove made of soundssequences, and/or rolls.

Patterns can be sorted by genre (type).

You can play the sounds used in a beat pattern and link to them to learn how they are made.

Need help?

If you get lost you can always click on the BZZKTT logo at the top of the page to bring you back here.

If you want to learn advanced beatboxing tips and techniques, try reading The Beatboxology Blog.

If you are an expert user you can use our super-cool Advanced Sound Search facility.

Alternatively you can list sounds or patterns by beatboxer, tempo, or difficulty level:

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