Bidental (rear) Fricative

between rear teeth

Bidental (rear) Fricative


[component-1] Upper Back Teeth
[component-2] Lower Back Teeth

Bi means two and dental means teeth. The sound is made by squeezing air between the upper and lower sets of rear teeth.

Place of Articulation

The following diagram shows where the Bidental (rear) Fricative is made in the mouth.

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The Bidental (rear) Fricative is used in the following sounds:

Slow Shaker

Egg Shaker

Alien Dee Snare

D-Kick and Open Hat

606 Closed Hat

Vintage Vinyl Bass

Big 80's Rimshot

909 Snare

Stadium Snare

ZZ Snare

Long Verb 808 Snare

909 Hard Snare

Metal Kick

Splashy Snare

Windrush Kick

ELO Handclap

Thin Clap

Police Rimshot

Crushing Rimshot

Toilet Rim

Sliding Kick

Jazzy Kick

Fade2Grey Snare

808 Hollow Snare

C64 Snare

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