Privacy Policy and GDPR Compliance

Here, we provide clear and complete information about your personal data that BzzKtt gathers. You can also view and control its handling.

On 25th May 2018 new regulations were introduced called the General Data Protection Regulation. This provides strict guidelines on how your personal data is gathered and handled. This also affects companies and individuals that reside outside of the EU but collect data from EU citizens.

We think it’s tippety-top-tastic that you should be able to see what information is gathered, why it is gathered, how you can view it, and how  you can opt-out altogether. This is why we stole and butchered this comprehensive privacy policy!

Privacy Policy

BZZKTT is under the sole-tradership of Reverend Gavin ‘Beatbox’ Tyte. Everything you see here, this glorious web application, and all its architecture, was built by him for the purpose of world beatbox domination. Muwuhahaaaaa!


BZZKTT is free and we don’t store ANY information about you at all! Lucky you!

If we did store any information – e.g. you send us an email – we do not share this information with anyone outside of BZZKTT ever… not even with TyTe’s pet goldfish Arnold.

Some data is transferred and/or stored with third-party services we use, such as PayPal or Patreon (if you are generous and make a donation). Such transactions do not take place on this site! Therefore, we do not store your credit card details or any other payment details on or off this site so we can’t raid your bank account or take further funds from you even if we wanted to. Bah humbug!


We don’t use Cookies – the site is cached. If BZZKTT did monitor your interaction with embedded content including tracking your interaction with the embedded content I wouldn’t worry about this. We don’t look at Cookie information. To be honest, I’m not sure we know how!

I think that’s about it. Any questions, queries, or queeries, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

TyTe and the Team

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BZZKTT is kindly hosted by Alex Tearse from Reefnet.

Special thanks to Alex Tearse, Paul Arnett, Michael Wyatt, Tyler Thompson, Helen Tyte, David ‘Goznet’ Gosnell, and Jerusalem Productions.