About Patterns

Beat Patterns are made from Sounds or Drum Rolls and are typically 8-Beat Patterns (8 sounds in a row), 16-Beat Patterns (16 sounds in a row), or 32-Beat Patterns (32 sounds in a row).

The Pattern Page

At the top of the Pattern Page is the title of the Pattern with an exact tempo in BPM (Beats Per Minute). The next row shows the genre, the tempo the Pattern belongs to, the beatboxer who made the Pattern, the difficulty level of the Pattern, and an audio preview play/pause button.

The Pattern Grid

The next section shows the pattern itself in grid of square boxes which you can click on to hear the Sounds or Rolls used in the pattern.

Sound Icon

The Sound and Roll icons are square to show that they play a sound when they are clicked on and do not link to other pages like the round icons do.


The right pointing arrows after a Sound or Roll in a Beat Pattern mean the Sound or Roll continues for the duration of the beats. A Sound with one arrow means the Sound lasts for TWO beats. A Sound with two arrows means the Sound lasts for THREE beats, and so on.


The dots in a beat pattern are ‘spaces’ where no Sound is made.


Every Pattern has a video demonstration of the Pattern which you can watch to aid learning.

Where else the Patten is used on BzzKtt

Finally, you are shown what Sounds, Complex Sounds, and Drum Rolls are used in the Beat Pattern.    

Funky Brown Break

Sound 014 • Funk • 110 bpm

Click on the pattern icons to hear the sounds…

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