Bilabial Plosive

two lips

Bilabial Plosive


[component-1] Upper Lip
[component-2] Lower Lip

Bi means two and labial means lips. Bilabial means two-lips. The sound is made by stopping air between the two lips of the mouth and then suddenly releasing it.

The Bilabial Plosive is covered in Part 1 of Lesson 1.

Place of Articulation

The following diagram shows where the Bilabial Plosive is made in the mouth.

Bilabial Plosive

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The Bilabial Plosive is used in the following sounds:

Classic Kick


Percussive Synth


Trumpet Slide

Trumpet Stab

Classic 80s Snare

Classic Kick Osc

Robot Kick Bass

80's Synth Tom

Muscle Car


Engine Idle

Blow Raspberry

Distorted Synth Stab

Whoopie Punch

Boat Bass

Boat Bass Stab

Outboard Motor

Wet Fart

Vintage Telephone

Resonant Fart

Sloppy Bass

Wob Bass

Sub Bass

Brass Bass Stab

Classic Synth

Classic Synth Stab

Sawtooth Bass


Trumpet Mouthpiece

Tight Fart

Two-tone Synth

Space Door

Fat Bass

Warm Bass

Classic Bass

Ejector Bass

Hip-Hop Synth

Hip-Hop Stab

Whoosh Bass

Two-tone Sub

Sweep Bass


Quiet Ringer

Ringer Stab

Idling Bus

Tril Bass

Diesel Generator

Generator Crank

Classic Stab

Classic Hit

Shlo Bass

Kick Bass

Sharp Bass

Hobbit Stab

Shut that Off!

Reso Kick

Wobble Bass

Boom Bass

Baby Bass

Stopper Bass

DnB Snare

Rock Snare

Big Bass Drum

Distorta Kick

Bruv Kick

Bruv Snare

Jungle Snare

Jungle Kick

LPF Snare

Blue Monday Kick

Jarre Snare

Echo Kick

909 Hard Snare

Pacman Snare

Soft Cell Snare

Tyre Snare

Classic Snare

Room Kick

Metal Kick

DMC Kick

Buff Kick

Soft Snare

Splashy Snare

Detroit Snare

Pithy Snare

Xperimental Kick

Laid Back Kick

Windrush Kick

Elvis Kick

Sliding Kick

Bushtucker Kick

Classic Room Kick

Disco Snare

Jazzy Kick

KRS Kick

New Order Kick

Snappy Snare

J9 Snare

Tunnel Kick

Stifled Snare

Classic Kick

Pergola Hit

Simple Kick

Amiga Snare

Pig Snare

Fade2Grey Snare

Queen Snare


Distorted Snare

C64 Snare

Vintage Snare

Classic Snare

b Kick

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