a small oscillation is created



A forced sound is where a the air flow is stopped and suddenly released, however, as the air is released it is squeezed or forced out to create a short, fast vibration or oscillation. The Forced Effector can be applied to all plosives. Most beatboxing sounds are forced sounds - e.g. inward K snare { ^K } and classic kick drum { B }.

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The Forced is used in the following sounds:

Classic Kick

Reverb 808 Snare

Percussive Synth

Classic 80s Snare

Classic Kick Osc

Low-Pass Filter Snare

Rag Bass

Reverse Classic Kick

Alien Buzz

Emergency Button

Space Drill

Incoming Transmission

808 Timestretch Snare

Lo Fi 808 Snare Fizz

Muscle Car


Distorted Synth Stab

Whoopie Punch

Boat Bass

Boat Bass Stab

Outboard Motor

Wet Fart

Vintage Telephone

Resonant Fart

Sloppy Bass

Wob Bass

Sub Bass

Brass Bass Stab

Classic Synth

Classic Synth Stab

Sawtooth Bass


Trumpet Mouthpiece

Tight Fart

Two-tone Synth

Space Door

Fat Bass

Warm Bass

Classic Bass

Ejector Bass

Electro Comb

Reso Distorted Hat

Big 80's Rimshot

Timestretched Hat

Reso Digi Hat

Techno Open Hat

Techno Closed Hat

Casio Open Hat

Casio Closed Hat

Yamaha Open Hat

Yamaha Closed Hat

Shudder Open Hat

Shudder Closed Hat

Aha Clap

Stadium Snare

DnB Snare

Rock Snare

Big Bass Drum

Distorta Kick

Asian Drum

Gunshot Snare

Resonant 808 Snare

LPF Snare

Blue Monday Kick

Distorted Kung Fu Rimshot

Reverb 808 Snare

Long Verb 808 Snare

Hi-Pass 808 Snare

Reverb 808 Rimshot

Metal Clang

Classic Inward Handclap

909 Hard Snare

Pacman Snare

Soft Cell Snare

Tyre Snare

Classic Snare

Room Kick

Metal Kick

DMC Kick

Buff Kick

Thin Clap

Police Rimshot

Metal Block

Snake Rim

Crushing Rimshot

Tapping Rim

Toilet Rim

Sliding Kick

Bushtucker Kick

Classic Room Kick

J9 Snare

Verbant Hit

Ska Rimshot

Lazy Rimshot

Classic Handclap

Inward Rimshot

Fuzzbox Click

Stadium Rimshot

Tunnel Kick

Stifled Snare

Classic Kick

Reverb 808 Snare

Amiga Snare

606 Clap

Squeezer Clap

Flapper Rim

Throat Rim

Inward Classic Rimshot

Classic Rimshot

Bevis Kick

Thin 808 Snare

808 Hollow Snare

808 Perfect Snare

808 Snare

Distorted Snare

C64 Snare

Vintage Snare

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