sound is made inwards



All Generator sounds are considered to be made outwards (ejecting air) unless the Inward effector icon is present, in which case the sound is made inwards (injecting air) with or without aspiration.

Place of Articulation

The following diagram shows where the Inward is made in the mouth.

Watch the video...


The Inward is used in the following sounds:

Feedback Hat

Inward Breath

Low Pass Filter Click

Inward Closed Hat

Alien Dee Snare

Hard Clave

Resonant Clickroll

Frog Güiro

Classic Clickroll



Aha Clap

Industrial Clap

Blue Clap

Asian Drum

Jungle Closed Hat

Tom Clap

Metal Clang

Classic Inward Handclap

Ricochet Clap

Vintage Maraca

Thin Clap

Police Rimshot

Reggae Click

Tiny Clap

Verbant Hit

Ska Rimshot

Classic Handclap

Inward Rimshot

Fuzzbox Click

Far-out Hat

Suckit Hat

Pergola Hit

Dyno Snare

Inward Verb Click

606 Clap

Flapper Rim

Inward Classic Rimshot

Jam Jar Clap

Wood Clap

Kiddy Clap

Soft Clap

Classic Click

Sub Nose Bass

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