muscles are tightened



The Tight (or should it be called TyTe?) effector is where the muscles in the generator are tightened as opposed to loose. For example, tightened lips or tightened tongue.

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The Tight is used in the following sounds:

Digi Synth

Muted Guitar Slide

Muted Guitar

Synth 'deh'

Classic 80s Snare

Low-Pass Filter Snare

Low-Pass Filter D-Kick

Depeche Kick

80's Synth Tom

Double Bass


D-Kick and Open Hat

Dove Bass

Alien Buzz

Emergency Button

Space Drill

Incoming Transmission

808 Timestretch Snare

Lo Fi 808 Snare Fizz

Dubstep Bass


Lawnmower Choke

Lawnmower Starter

Lawnmower Crank

Digital Alarm



Pizzicato Shudder

Roll Them D's!


Muscle Car

Distorted Synth Stab

Whoopie Punch

Boat Bass

Boat Bass Stab

Outboard Motor

Wet Fart

Classic Synth

Classic Synth Stab

Sawtooth Bass


Trumpet Mouthpiece

Tight Fart

Hip-Hop Synth

Hip-Hop Stab

Whoosh Bass

Two-tone Sub

Sweep Bass


Classic Stab

Classic Hit

Shlo Bass

Kick Bass

Sharp Bass

Hobbit Stab

Tabla Hard

Shudder Open Hat

Stadium Snare

DnB Snare

Rock Snare

Bruv Snare

World Kick

Jungle Snare

Gunshot Snare

Resonant 808 Snare

LPF Snare

Jarre Snare

Reverb 808 Snare

Long Verb 808 Snare

Hi-Pass 808 Snare

909 Hard Snare

Pacman Snare

Soft Cell Snare

Tyre Snare

Classic Snare

Soft Snare

Splashy Snare

Detroit Snare

Pithy Snare

Snappy Snare

J9 Snare

Stifled Snare

Reverb 808 Snare

Pergola Hit

Reverb D-Kick

Amiga Snare

Pig Snare

Fade2Grey Snare

Queen Snare



Thin 808 Snare

808 Hollow Snare

808 Perfect Snare

808 Snare

Distorted Snare

C64 Snare

Vintage Snare

Classic Snare

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