About Sounds

Sounds are individual vocal sounds. They can be single sounds, for example ‘b’, or a sequence of single sounds which make more complex sounds, for example the word ‘hello’.

The Sound Page

At the top of the Sound Page is the title of the sound. The next row shows the timbre, kit the sound belongs to, the beatboxer who made the sound, the difficulty level of the sound, and an audio preview play/pause button.


The next row shows how the sound is made by displaying its iconophonics. Clicking on these iconophonic icons will take you to the individual iconophonic so you can listen to it and learn it.


Every Sound has a video demonstration of that sound which you can watch to aid learning.

Where else the Sound is used on BzzKtt

Finally, you are shown any Beat Patterns which use the Sound Sequence.

Digi Synth

Sound 318 • Synth

Alveolar Plosive
Labiodental Fricative
Voiced (High)
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