Labiodental Fricative

between top teeth and lower lip

Labiodental Fricative


[component-1] Upper Front Teeth
[component-2] Tongue

Labio means lips and dental means teeth. The sound is made by squeezing out air between the upper teeth and the lower lip.

Place of Articulation

The following diagram shows where the Labiodental Fricative is made in the mouth.

Watch the video...


The Labiodental Fricative is used in the following sounds:


Digi Synth

Lip Hat

Classic 80s Snare

Alien Dee Snare

Depeche Kick

Dove Bass

Back Scratch

Forward Scratch

Alien Buzz

Emergency Button


Lawnmower Choke

Lawnmower Starter

Lawnmower Crank


Sewing Machine


Tabla Hard

Techno Open Hat

Techno Closed Hat

Casio Closed Hat

Rock Snare

Bruv Kick

Bruv Snare

Sofa Snare

Gunshot Snare

Classic Snare

Buff Kick

Ricochet Clap

Vintage Maraca

Dirty Rim

Heavy Closed Hat

909 Open Hat

Soft Snare

Elvis Kick

Police Rimshot

Tapping Rim

Toilet Rim

Classic Room Kick

Reggae Click

606 Open Hat

Tiny Clap

Rimmety Rim

New Order Kick

808 Perfect Snare

Classic Snare

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