About Kits

Sounds are grouped into Kits. Kits are a quick way of finding sounds which are all made in a similar way, for example, sounds which are made not breathing out. Kits can be selected from the sub menu at the top of the page or from a Sound Row. Clicking on a kits icon will take you to all sounds in the same Kit.

Kit Names

Kits are named TY-1 to TY-12. This is a throwback to 1980s drum machines that had names and numbers, for example, the Roland TR-808 or the Yamaha RY-30.


The second icon in the Sound Row is the timbre. Clicking on this icon will take you to all Sounds of the same timbre (type).


Sounds are also grouped into Levels; Easy, Medium, or Hard. The Level groups sounds on how difficult they are to make. The fourth icon in the Sound Row shows the difficulty level of the sound. Clicking on this icon will take you to all sounds (and patterns) with the same difficulty level.


The white icons in the sound row are the iconophonics. These describe how the sound is physically made by showing you the different sound components. Clicking on an iconophonic will take you to more information about the inconophonic.

Play Button

The last icon in the Sound Row is the play button which lets you hear an audio preview of the sound.

Kit Definitions

For Teachers

Kits are defined by their common phonetic components (the way the sounds are produced). This is a little technical so please do not worry if you do not understand the following:

TY-1: Single Ejectives

TY-2: Single Forced Ejectives

TY-3: Single Aspirated Ejectives

TY-4: Single Forced and Aspirated Ejectives

TY-5: Combination Ejectives

TY-6: Combination Forced Ejectives

TY-7: Combination Aspirated Ejectives

TY-8: Combination Forced and Aspirated Ejectives

TY-9: Vocalised Single or Combination Ejectives

TY-10: Vocalised Single or Combination Forced Ejectives

TY-11: Vocalised Single or Combination Aspirated Ejectives

TY-12: Vocalised Single or Combination Forced and Aspirated Ejectives

You can also view a visual map of the Kit Definitions.

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