Alveolar Plosive

tongue to ridge

Alveolar Plosive


[component-1] Alveolar Ridge
[component-2] Tongue

The alveolar ridge is the protruding bony ridge on the roof of the mouth just behind the top front teeth. The sound is made by stopping and releasing air between the tongue on the alveolar ridge.

Place of Articulation

The following diagram shows where the Alveolar Plosive is made in the mouth.

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The Alveolar Plosive is used in the following sounds:

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Digital Alarm



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Resonant 808 Snare

Reverb 808 Snare

Long Verb 808 Snare

Hi-Pass 808 Snare

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Heavy Open Hat

ELO Handclap

Reverb 808 Snare

Reverb D-Kick

Hollow Crash


Thin 808 Snare

808 Hollow Snare

808 Perfect Snare

808 Snare

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