The Wonderful World of Sequences

In this article, TyTe explains what a Sequence is and why they are important!

Sounds and Sequences

In BZZKTT you will find sounds.

Sounds are technically defined as…

“The generation of a single instance of audio produced by one or more concurrent articulations.”

Okay… that might come across as complicated. So… think of sounds as being just single instances of sound – like when you say the English language letters b, p, or k.

Sounds can blend from one to another in a continuous movement. A set of two or more sounds that do this is called a sequence.

In fact, in speech and language, the letters are Sounds and the words are sequences!

For example, the letters D, O, and G are Sounds and the word DOG is a sequence!

The Symbols

In BZZKTT you can access Sounds and Sequences from the main menu.

An Example of a Sequence

Let’s look at an example of a Sequence in BZZKTT.

Take the English word “NAME”. This stylised version is used in a beat pattern and it sounds like this:

The Sequence “NAME” is made up of three sounds. In this case they are N, EE, and M.

On a Sequence page they are displayed like this:

You can link to each Sound by clicking on the title above each PLAY/PAUSE button.

Other Examples

Sequences can be used to create complex morphing sounds as well as words.

Like this Filter Sweep Bass:

Or this Vocal Scratch – ‘oozi’:

And Finally…

Sequences are an incredibly powerful tool to create complex combinations of sounds.

In the future we hope to add lots of English language words to the BZZKTT database. Perhaps BZZKTT could be a useful tool for Speech and Language learning?

Heaps of Peace. TyTe.

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