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An Introduction to Phonics

How do you make beatboxing, speech, and language sounds? What is happening in the mouth? TyTe explains all in this introductory article…

BZZKTT for Beatbox Tutors

Are you teaching beatboxing? Are you leading vocal percussion workshops? BZZKTT is the ideal tool for beatbox tutors. TyTe explains why…

The Wonderful World of Sequences

In this article, TyTe explains what a SEQUENCE is and why they are important!

May the FORCE be with you…

TyTe explores what FORCING a sound means, why it matters, and how it makes a difference.

Roll Over

In this blog post we’re talking about OSCILLATIONS, and discover why lip rolls aren’t lip rolls and inward drags aren’t inward drags. Hold on tight, you’re in for a bumpy (or should that be oscillating) ride!

Inward K Snares

TyTe busts the myths surrounding what most beatboxers call Inward K snares. Are you ready for the truth?

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