Voiced (High)

voiced at a high pitch

Voiced (High)


The sound is voiced at a hgh frequency.

Place of Articulation

The following diagram shows where the Voiced (High) is made in the mouth.

Watch the video...


The Voiced (High) is used in the following sounds:


Digi Synth

High Trap Synth

Percussive Synth

Nu Shooz

80's Synth Tom

Alien Buzz

Emergency Button

Space Drill

Incoming Transmission

Digital Alarm


Resonant Clickroll


Distorted Synth Stab

Whoopie Punch

Vintage Telephone

Resonant Fart

Classic Synth

Classic Synth Stab

Two-tone Synth

Space Door

Hip-Hop Synth

Hip-Hop Stab

Quiet Ringer

Ringer Stab

Classic Stab

Classic Hit

Shut that Off!

Reso Kick

Resonant Open Hat

Reso Distorted Hat

Jazz Ride

Jazz Closed Hat

LPF Snare

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