BZZKTT for Beatbox Tutors

Are you teaching beatboxing? Are you leading vocal percussion workshops? BZZKTT is the ideal tool for beatbox tutors. TyTe explains why…

I have been teaching beatboxing since 1999. I’m a beatboxer and a qualified teacher, and despite there are being a zillion YouTube videos out there, what beatboxing has needed is an educational toolkit to underpin all that is taught; a formal curriculum for study and learning. And as a teacher, what I need is a resource I can fall back on; something solid; somewhere I can show my beat patterns and sounds, how they are linked, and where they can all be found, preferably via a single page or portal; somewhere I can point my students; set self-directed-study; and somewhere they can find out more after my workshop is complete.

So how could you use BZZKTT?

In the first instance, you can use BZZKTT to learn Beatboxology and then use Beatboxology in your own lessons and workshops. Sure, if you are only ever going to give one basic lesson then you can use my Standard Beatbox Notation and display sounds and beat patterns such as { B t t B / K t t t } but if you know anything about teaching beatboxing it starts to get very complex very quickly! Standard Beatbox Notation uses English letters – which is fine if speak English! However, Beatboxology provides you with a unique tool for describing beatboxing sounds and patterns based on science and is technically language free. Let me give you an example…

Let’s say I want to teach the Classic Kick Drum and show it used in a simple beat pattern. You know, the kick drum that sounds like this…

Well… instead of using Standard Beatbox Notation and first learning { b } then showing it forced to become { B } I would start with the symbol:

Bilabial Plosive
The Bilabial Plosive { b }

Of course it doesn’t have to be in the circle – that’s only there because I use it as an icon!

I would then introduce the FORCED Effector

The Forced Effector

And finally I would show the two together to make the Classic Kick Drum

Classic Kick Drum

All these phonics and sounds are all on BZZKTT already so your students can even follow along on their device.

Now, let’s say we want to put our Classic Kick Drum into a beat pattern. I would introduce the student(s) to the generic Kick Drum Symbol which looks like this:

The Kick Drum

Again, it doesn’t have to be in a circle or buttonised – that’s just how we display it here on BZZKTT.

And a simple kick drum beat pattern (four to the floor) would look like this… (click on the Kick icons)

Towards a Beatboxing Curriculum

Beatbox Tutors will all have their preferred methods of teaching in terms of course structure, but BZZKTT already provides a basic curriculum of Lessons (six so far). Each Lesson has a simple lesson plan and is broken down into parts. Each part has a QUIZ and there is also a round-up quiz at the end of each Lesson too!


There is nothing stopping you developing your own lesson plans using existing BZZKTT Sounds and Patterns, but where BZZKTT comes into its own for teachers of beatboxing, is that teachers can add their own Sounds and Patterns!

Add your own Sounds and Patterns!

To help support and provide a platform for your own lessons and workshops, you can upload your own Sounds and Patterns to BZZKTT. The Advantage of this is that your students can see your examples, your videos, and hear your sounds – all from your own Beatboxer page:


For example…

If using an interactive whiteboard while you teach, you can display phonics, sounds, and patterns that you want to your students to learn and practice.

If teaching a class where each student has their own device (mobile/tablet/desktop), they can work through material on their own and at their own pace (with headphones).

Or after a workshop, you can point students to your Beatboxer page on BZZKTT so they can go back over your Sounds and Patterns they learned in your workshop.

If you would like to add Sounds, Patterns, and your own Lesson plans to BZZKTT, get in touch. There’s no charge for hosting. BZZKTT is here to support you!


BZZKTT is the ideal platform to provide you with a resource and curriculum to teach beatboxing. If you’d like to find out more, please get in touch with TyTe and the team (via Messenger).

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