Lesson 1 – Part 5

Making an 8-Beat Pattern

In this session you will combine three sounds into an 8-beat beat pattern.

The Genre Icon

You are now ready to learn your first beat pattern using all three sounds you have learned in this lesson.

On BZZKTT, all beat patterns have a genre and the icon below is used for all Beginner beat patterns.


What is an 8-beat?

An 8-beat has 8 sounds in a row and a 16-beat has 16 sounds in a row.

Listen to the following 8-beat pattern. It will play twice through.

This 8-beat pattern uses our three sounds, a kick drum, a hi-hat, and a rimshot.

Watch the video and try and copy the beat pattern.

In BZZKTT you can see the 8-beat beat pattern represented as 8 sounds in a row. You can click on the sounds to play the beat and to help you learn it.

Click on the icons one at a time to play the different sounds.

The 8-Beat Pattern









Now you have learned the three sounds and the beat pattern, you are ready to take the round-up quiz!

Click on the QUIZ icon below to take the quiz.



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