Lesson 5 – Part 1

The Sharp Shaker

In this session you will learn to make a Bidental sound and use it to create a shaker.

Bidental Sounds

Bi means two and dental means teeth.

Bidental sounds are made between the upper teeth and lower teeth.

Bidental sounds can be made using your front teeth or your rear (or back) teeth.

When you press together your rear (or back) teeth and keep them together you make a Bidental (rear) Stop.

It looks like this:

Bidental Rear Stop
Bidental (rear) Stop

And this is where it is made in the mouth:

Watch this video to learn how the Bidental (rear) Stop is made:

(NOTE: This video has no sound because it’s a STOP – the rear teeth are simply touching!)

Making the Sharp Shaker

The Sharp Shaker is an Alveolar Plosive combined with a Bidental (rear) Stop.

It looks like this:

The Sharp Shaker

It sounds like this:

Watch the video to learn how to make the Sharp Shaker:

When you are ready, click on the QUIZ button to take the QUIZ.


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