Lesson 2 – Part 1

The Handclap

In this session you will learn how to make a buccal plosive to make a handclap sound.

Jumping ahead…

By the end of this whole lesson you will have learned how to make the classic handclap.

The classic handclap is a complex sound made up of five different iconophonics and it looks like this…

The Classic Handclap

And it sounds like this…

Don’t panic!

We are going to learn to make the classic handclap in stages, learning it step-by-step.

The first new sound you are going to learn is the Buccal Plosive.

The Buccal Plosive

The iconophonic for a Buccal Plosive looks like this:

The Buccal Plosive

The Buccal Plosive is a sound made between the cheek and the side of the tongue near its base.

The Buccal Plosive is made between the side(s) of the tongue and the cheek(s).

The sound is made by stopping air and suddenly releasing it between the tongue and the cheek.

The Squeezer Handclap

To make the sound punchier and louder we will force the sound. We show this by adding the forced effector.

Squeezer Handclap

And it sounds like this:

Watch this video to see how a beatboxer makes the Squeezer Handclap.

Note: The sound is made outwards.

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