Lesson 2 – Part 2

Inward Sounds

In this lesson you will learn how to make inward sounds and use the inward effector to make a click sound.

What are inward sounds?

Did you know that every sound you can make outwards you can make inwards?

Inward sounds can be made without breathing in. The technical term for these kinds of sounds is injectives. Think of them as injecting the sounds!

The Inward Effector

All sounds are considered to be made outwards unless the Inward Effector present.

The Inward Effector iconophonic looks like this:


Here are a range of sounds made inwards (without breathing in):

The Fuzzbox Click

When the Inward Effector is present we know that the sound is made inwards.

By adding the Inward Effector to the Squeezed Handclap we create a sound called The Fuzzbox Click. It looks like this:

And sounds like this…

Here is a beatboxer making the Fuzzbox Click sound.

See if you can make it.

Note: The sound is made inwards!

When you are ready, click on the QUIZ button below to take the quiz.



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