Lesson 2 – Part 4


In this lesson you will learn how to use the aspiration effector and apply aspiration to help create an inward aspirated handclap sound.

Introduction to Breathing

So far all the sounds we have made have been whilst holding our breath – neither breathing in nor out.

However, beatboxers need to breathe! So, beatboxers make sounds whilst breathing out and sounds whilst breathing in.

The Aspiration Effector

Aspiration means breathing and the Aspiration Effector indicates if a sound is made by breathing in or out.

The Aspiration Effector looks like this:

Aspiration Effector

And breathing in looks like this:

Aspiration Effector + Inward Effector

Want to see a beatboxer breathing? Exciting huh? Watch this…

The Classic Handclap

Now you have learned all the components of the Classic Handclap. It is the 606 Handclap with the addition of the Aspiration Effector. It is a handclap made whilst breathing in at the same time.

Classic Handclap

The order of the iconophonics does not matter.

Here is the same sound with the iconophonics in a slightly different order:

Classic Handclap

And it sounds like this:

Watch this video to see how the sound is made:

When you are ready, click on the QUIZ button below to take the Breathing Quiz.



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