Lesson 3 – Part 2

The Classic Snare

In this session you will learn how to make a labiodental fricative and apply it to generate a snare sound.

What is a Fricative?

A fricative is a sound is made by creating a narrow opening with two mouth parts through which air flows.

Examples of fricatives in the English language include the letters s, f, and h, and the combinations th and sh.

Have a go at making the different English letter sounds above. Can you tell which two mouth parts are making the narrow opening?

The Labiodental Fricative

This is the iconophonic for a labiodental fricative:

Labiodental Fricative
Labiodental Fricative

Labio means lips and dental means teeth.

The English language letter sound for a Labiodental Fricative is “f”.

The Labiodental Fricative is made with the upper front teeth and the lower lip.

Labiodental Fricative

You can tell that the iconophonic is a fricative because the two lines that represent the mouth parts are not touching. There is a gap between them.

Here is a video of a Beatboxer making a Labiodental Fricative. Try and copy the sound. Note that half way through he switches to using the top lip and lower teeth!

The 80’s Snare

The 80’s Snare is the same as The Amiga Snare you learned in Part 1 of Lesson 3 but with the addition of a Labiodental Fricative.

The 80’s Snare looks like this:

The 80s Snare

And sounds like this:

Watch this video to learn how to make the 80’s Snare.

The Classic Snare

The Classic Snare drum is exactly the same as the 80’s Snare but with the addition of the Aspiration Effector.

It looks like this:

The Classic Snare

And sounds like this:

Watch the video to learn how the Classic Snare is made.

When you are ready, click on the QUIZ button to play the Classic Snare quiz.



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