Lesson 4 – Part 2

The 808 Snare

In this lesson you will learn how apply the tight effector to make a snare sound.

The 808 Snare Drum Family

The 808 Snare Drum is named after the Roland TR-808 Drum Machine which was first manufactured in 1980 and is still used in hip-hop and dance music beats today.

The 808 family of snares all contain tight and forced alveolar plosives.

The 808 Snare Drum

The simplest 808 Snare Drum sound looks like this:

808 Snare Drum

And sounds like this:

Watch this video to learn how to make the basic 808 Snare drum sound:

The Reverb 808 Snare

We can make the basic 808 Snare sound like it has reverb by aspirating it and adding an Aspiration Effector.

The Reverb 808 Snare looks like this:

Reverb 808 Snare

And sounds like this:

Watch the video to learn how to make the Reverb 808 Snare:

When you are ready, take the 808 Snare QUIZ by clicking on the QUIZ button below:



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