Lesson 5 – Teacher’s Notes


In this 3-part lesson the student will learn to make a BIDENTAL STOP and an ALVEOLAR FRICATIVE and use them to make three different shaker sounds, which when put into a pattern create the sound of a shaker being shaken.


At the end of this lesson the student will be able to:

(1) Recognise and articulate a BIDENTAL (rear) STOP and an ALVEOLAR FRICATIVE.

(2) Combine a BIDENTAL (rear) STOP with an ALVEOLAR PLOSIVE to create a SHARP SHAKER sound.

(3) Combine a BIDENTAL (rear) FRICATIVE with an ALVEOLAR FRICATIVE to create a SLOW SHAKER sound.

(4) Combine a BIDENTAL (rear) FRICATIVE and the ASPIRATION EFFECTOR to create an EGG SHAKER sound.

(5) Re-create a 4-Sound pattern using the THREE shaker sounds and then repeat the 4-Sound pattern to create a continuous shaker pattern.


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